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Furthering My Career

How To Get Your Child Ready For Kindergarten

Barry Myers

Enrolling your child in a kindergarten is a good idea though you have to be prepared about how your kid responds. Some kids are excited, while others have a hard time adapting to the new environment. Since you have no idea how your kid will respond, you should help them get ready for kindergarten by following these tips.

Familiarize Your Kid With Routines at Home

One way of preparing your kid for kindergarten is by establishing easy routines at home. Children learn quickly and faster through routines that help them build their self-confidence. For instance, creating a sleeping routine for your child ensures that the kid goes to bed early and gets ready for the next day. Also, spending a few minutes reading with your child builds literacy and language skills.

Encourage Your Child to Do Simple Things on Their Own

Helping your kid develop independence at home is a way to help them get through the first day in kindergarten. You should encourage your child to take off their clothes or shoes. You can also serve food, let them feed themselves, and clear the table when they are done eating. Again, remind your kid to wash their hands after using the washroom to maintain good hygiene.

All these practices will make the transition easier.

Let Your Child Know What to Expect in Kindergarten

Talking to your child about what to find in kindergarten will prepare them for the first day in preschool. Perhaps, telling them the teacher's name and how to socialize with the new kids can encourage their social skills. Letting your child know how other siblings conducted themselves in kindergarten can also help.

Start Practicing Kindergarten Skills With Your Child

You can help your kid ease first-day jitters by rehearsing kindergarten skills together. For instance, helping your child know how to hold a pencil, color using crayons, and form letters will build confidence and reduce stress. If your kid is attending a kindergarten classroom for the first time, try your best to practice these skills ahead of the big day.

Allow Your Kid to Spend Time With New Friends

Introducing new friends to play together with your child could also be helpful. And since your child will be meeting new faces in kindergarten, you must prepare them for it. Luckily, introducing your kid to new faces will ease things. Also, teach your child how to be on their best behavior when meeting new people.


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