Furthering My Career

Furthering My Career

2 Things You Need To Know About Using Games To Educate Your Employees

Barry Myers

If you run a business, part of your job as a responsible business owner is the continued professional development of your employees. This will allow them to continue to grow and thrive directly in ways that benefit your business.

It is now easier than ever to access these tools for your employees. There are numerous professional development courses, in all types of fields, that you can access and allow your employees to utilize online. One type of professional development learning tool that has become increasingly popular are game-based educational tools.

#1 Game-Based Education Increases Engagement

Game-based professional educational tools allow your employees to access information in a way that is engaging. Being engaged in the learning process is critically important for us to actually retain information. When one is not engaged in the learning process, it is easy enough to remember the necessary information to pass the course, and forget most of the material once the course is over. One of the goals of game-based professional development is to increase the engagement and retention factor of the information that is presented, with the goal of increasing retention of the information learned throughout the course.

#2 Game-Based Learning Enables Practice

One of the reasons that professional development training sessions have such a bad rap is because they do not allow the participants to engage in active practice. Think about how many professional development sessions you have attended where the facilitator basically talks the entire time, and you are expected to listen and take notes like you are in a college lecture.

The problem with this model is that it doesn't allow an opportunity for you work and engage with the material. For real learning to occur, you need to do more than listen to new information: you need to have a chance to implement that information and practice using it.

Educational learning games fill that void. Once you learn new information, you are then given the opportunity to implement the information that you have just learned. Game-based learning will allow your employees to not just learn new information and strategies that will help them on the job, but it will also allow them to practice using these strategies in a safe environment before they apply this new information to the workplace.

If you are looking for quality professional development tools for your employees, considering investing in some game-based professional development. This will result in increased engagement and practice opportunities, and thus increases the likelihood that your employees will be able to take what they have learned and apply it to their work and your business. 


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