Furthering My Career

Furthering My Career

3 SAT Tutoring Options You Need To Know About

Barry Myers

You've decided to sign your teen up for SAT tutoring. Why? Chances are that you want your high school student to either familiarize herself with the test or improve the score she got last time. Before running out to sign your child up for a class, check out what your options are. That's right, your student has an array of choices when it comes to the type of tutoring she gets. Keep in mind, every class isn't "right" for every student. Your child is an individual. That means she has individual needs and goals. Let these, along with practical issues such as price, guide the SAT tutoring selection process.

One-On-One Tutoring

Does your child do well in a large class? Maybe she can't concentrate when there are a dozen or more other kids around her. Or maybe she drifts off because she thinks the teacher won't notice. If learning alongside other teens isn't for your SAT-taker, a one-on-one tutor may be the way to go. Private tutoring provides your learner with the chance to build test-taking skills without the added distraction of her peers. It allows your child to focus on the material at hand and may even make her feel more comfortable in the learning environment. She may feel less stress about asking questions or speaking up when she doesn't understand something if there aren't other kids around. This type of tutoring also allows the teacher to personalize the lessons to your child's individual needs.

Group Classes

Some kids enjoy having other students around. Obviously, this is a class, and not a time to socialize. But, that doesn't mean your child can't benefit from the group dynamic. She'll have friends or meet friends to study with, get the chance to work in a team/group and may gain valuable insight through the other students' perspectives and experiences. On a practical note, group classes are often less expensive than private SAT tutoring sessions.

Online Options

Not all SAT classes are in-person learning opportunities. Some tutoring services offer online classes. These provide the same content as in-class tutoring sessions, but with more freedom. Internet-based SAT tutoring is ideal for the student with a busy schedule or other commitments. If your child has an after-school job, plays a sport, is in the school play, or has to babysit her younger sibling after school, online classes allow her to learn around everything else.

SAT tutoring doesn't always look the same for every student. Depending on your child's needs, and the needs of your family, you may want to explore private, group or online options.


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