Furthering My Career

Furthering My Career

Tips To Help You Excel In A Dental Assistant Program

Barry Myers

The dental assistant program is a fast-paced experience that is filled with various challenges, such as learning dental terminology. With dedication, you can get through the program without issue and transition smoothly to a dentist's office. An institute like the New Mexico Institute of Dental Assisting is an excellent choice. To help you with the program, here are a few tips to keep in mind.  

Break Down the Dental Terminology 

Some of the dental terminology that you are required to learn can be tricky. However, not learning the words is not an option. You can overcome challenges with learning words by breaking them down and practicing them.  

Words that are longer than two syllables can be broken down into smaller words. As you break each part down, work on mastering the sounds of each. Once you have mastered each part, you can start to rehearse putting the words together. Remember to focus on the meanings of the words as you learn how to say them.  

Do not attempt to learn too many words at once. You can quickly become overwhelmed and forget the information that you are learning along the way. Practice the words daily and ask for help with those you find more challenging to learn.  

Record Lectures and Take Pictures 

During classes, you will be taught a great deal of information and note taking might not be enough. To ensure you do not miss anything, record the lectures. You can use your phone to record sessions or opt to bring a recorder. You can still take notes during class, but the recorder provides an opportunity to listen again and ensure you did not miss anything.  

You will learn a number of procedures during your dental assistant treatment. Even though your learning materials will contain illustrations of the demonstrations you will witness in training, pictures can still help. Taking your own pictures or video allows you the chance to control the perspective of the lens so that you can get the best angles possible.  

If you take pictures instead of video, you can even print them out later and turn them into flashcards about the procedures. During your exams, you will be required to identify stills from different procedures and preparing for it now will help you pass the exam.  

 There are other methods you can use to excel in the dental assistant program. Consult with a counselor at the school and work with your peers to learn techniques that can assist you in the program and once you have started professionally working in the field.


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